Here are the steps to save the Minecraft Edu world for submission or sharing

These are the steps to follow if you are using a Minecraft Edu Hosted Server

Step 1: As a teacher/facilitator logon to the server control panel

Step 2:  Enter login details

Step 3:  Click on Manage my Minecraft Edu Hosted SErver

Step 4: Make a backup of your world

Put the mouse over the active button and it will give you the option to deactivate the world running on your server- i.e. makes a backup of the world:

A message will pop up asking you are you sure you want to deactivate this world?

Click OK

The sever will create a backup of your world now

Step 5: Click on My Inactive worlds from the Menu on LHS. This will display any worlds you have avaialble on the server that are inactive.

Step 6: Click on download and this will save a zipped copy of your world to your downloads folder.  When the world is downloaded please go to the download folder and rename the world specifically for your group. Now the world is ready to be shared with MindRising group and fellow Minecraft users.